NXT Results – October 3rd, 2018

Nikki Cross is in the back and she says games are fun, especially the ones you can play with other people. She says Bianca liked the last one and they get to do it again and again. Nikki says she hopes that Bianca is not afraid. Speaking of bad behavior, she knows.

1st Match: Women’s Division Match:
Lacey Evans vs. Candice LeRae
Result: Lacey Evans wins via The Woman’s Right

We are back with Tommaso Ciampa and he says when you are at the top they will always try to chop you down. They will talk, speculate, and lie. All to steal that spotlight. Perhaps, it is to cover their own tracks and to hide their own guilt. Your name is fitting Velveteen Dream because you seem to be living in a dream world where he is the guy who attacked Aleister Black. We both know exactly what it is that Aleister experienced. Ciampa says his advice is to be careful. Keep your theories and your accusations to yourself and stay out of the champ’s spotlight. Velveteen Dream says he is the guy who ended the fairy tale and exposed the mystique. He can be the guy who turns the dream into a nightmare.

2nd Match: 6-Man Tag Team Match:
The Forgotten Sons vs. Tony Kirsh, Vinny Mixon, and Cesar Rise
Result: The Forgotten Sons win via Slingshot Powerbomb

We are back, and Bianca Belair corrects her interviewer that it is Ms. Belair. Bianca says she is not here to play. She does not care what that scraggly hair woman wants.  She is still undefeated.  Nikki had the chance to go away. She will have to embarrass Nikki as well as beat her.

3rd Match: Singles Match:
Johnny Gargano vs. Tony Nese
Result: Johnny Gargano wins via GargaNo Escape

4th Match: Singles Match:
EC3 vs. Lars Sullivan
Result: Lars Sullivan wins via Freak Accident

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