Lucha Underground Results – September 12th, 2018

The show starts with a recap of last week’s show.

1st Match: Gift of the Gods Championship Match:
El Dragon Azteca Jr. © vs. Ivelisse
Result: El Dragon Azteca Jr. retains via Top Rope Leg Drop

After the match, Joey Ryan and XO Lishus come out and congratulate Ivelisse on her valiant effort. They ask if she’d like to join them as a partner, and challenge whoever wins tonight’s trios title matchup soon. Ivelisse agrees, and a new team is formed.

King Cuerno is at the ring when Antonio Cueto comes out and said that attacking Pentagon Dark should make him #1 Contender. However, El Jefe found someone else who also deserve that spot and that he hates Cuerno. Mil Muertes comes out and he makes the match a #1 Contender’s Match

2nd Match: #1 Contender’s Match:
King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes
Result: Double Disqualification

Referee Marty Elias calls the bell when both competitors push him when he tells them to bring the fight to the ring.

After the match, Antonio Cueto comes out and tells Muertes and Cuerno that he rewards violence. He says that they both earned a shot at Pentagon Dark in a triple-threat match for the Lucha Underground Championship that will take place next week.

3rd Match: Lucha Underground Trios Championship Match:
The Reptile Tribe © vs. Lucha Super Friends
Result: The Reptile Tribe retain via Cradle Killer

Fenix betrays Aerostar by giving him a superkick outta nowhere and hit a super muscle buster. That gave Jeremiah Snake a chance to pick up the pieces to win the match. Melissa refuses to announce the winning team, so Kobra Moon does the honors on the microphone herself.

After the match, Melissa catches up to a zombie-esque Fenix on the outside to see what’s troubling him. He grabs her and shoves her down, drooling with intensity. This brings out El Dragon Azteca Jr. to help Melissa get to her feet.

We see Antonio Cueto propping open a beer in his office when Marty the Moth knocks on his door. He drops a stack of cash on Antonio’s table. “What are you buying?” Cueto asks. Marty states that his sister bought a Gift of the Gods Championship match up for that much, and now he wants to do the same. Antonio grants him the matchup for next week. Marty drops another stack of cash and reveals there’s one more thing he wants, however, the show fades to black before he can reveal what it is.

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