Lucha Underground Results – October 3rd, 2018

The show started with Melissa Santos discussing what happened to Fenix. Aerostar talked about how he shouldn’t have brought Fenix back from the dead and how Catrina’s soul corrupted Fenix’s, turning him evil. Santos said that he must still be in there. Aerostar said that he could not be saved, because he has seen the end. The end of everything.

1st Match: Trios Tag Team Match:
The Rabbit Tribe vs. XO Lishus, Joey Ryan, and Ivelisse
Result: The Rabbit Tribe win via Mandible Claw

2nd Match: Singles Match:
Killshot vs. Son of Havoc
Result: Son of Havoc wins via Roll-up

After the match, Killshot grabbed his dog tags and beat on Son of Havoc with them. He ripped Havoc’s mask off.

Antonio Cueto comes and said, “You know how much that mask means” and how they were symbols of the new warriors that they have become. Cueto booked a mask vs. mask match between the two for Ultima Lucha IV.

Marty the Moth entered The Temple with Reclusa and cut a promo while the fans refused to hear him and chanted “Cero Miedo.” Marty addressed Sexy Star, saying that she embarrassed him and his family, and how he got Reclusa to deal with her.

Marty the Moth said Reclusa was wonderful and beautiful, but there was one woman who was more beautiful. Marty looked at Melissa Santos — and Santos did the “Cero Miedo” sign to massive cheers from the audience. Marty clarified and said that he was talking about his sister and that he owed her a match.

3rd Match: No Disqualifications Match for the Lucha Underground Championship:
Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Mariposa
Result: Marty “The Moth” Martinez retains via Package Piledriver

After the match, Marty challenged Pentagon Dark to a Cero Miedo match. He then broke his sister’s arm.

Pentagon ran out to a massive pop, and he said he would accept. He promised to break Marty’s bones at Ultima Lucha IV and take his title back.

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