Impact Wrestling Results – October 4th, 2018

1st Match: Singles Match:
Rich Swann vs. Matt Sydal
Result: Matt Sydal wins via Here We Go Driver

During the match, A mystery man attacks Swann, allowing Sydal to connect with a unique finishing move to pick up the victory. The mystery man is revealed to be Ethan Page!

Scarlett Bordeaux joins Josh Mathews and Don Callis on commentary to scout talent for her talent search.

2nd Match: Singles Match:
Eli Drake vs. La Parka
Result: La Parka wins via Count-Out

3rd Match: Singles Match:
Murder Clown (w/ Katarina) vs. Joe Hendry (w/ Grado)
Result: Murder Clown wins via Top Rope Splash

After the match, Katarina hits a low blow on Grado. Katarina then holds Hendry down on a table before Murder Clown drives him through with another devastating top rope splash!

Johnny Impact and Austin Aries argue back and forth before Aries attacks Impact! Aries’ injury turns out to be fake as he takes off his sling. Impact then turns it around and connects with Starship Pain off the top! Impact stands tall with the World Title held high as Aries retreats up the ramp.

Petey Williams is the first to audition for Scarlett Bordeaux’s exclusive services! Williams shows Scarlett how to give him the Canadian Destroyer, starting a fight between Williams and Trevor Lee, who’s next in line!

4th Match: Knockouts Division Match:
Kiera Hogan (w/ Allie) vs. Su Yung (w/ Undead Maid of Honor)
Result: Su Yung wins via Panic Switch

After the match, the Undead Bridesmaids bring out a coffin, presumably to bury Allie or Kiera! A brawl breaks out with Su and the Bridesmaids getting the upper-hand. Kiera sacrifices herself to save Allie, allowing Su to place Kiera in the coffin and close the lid!

5th Match: 6-Man Tag Team Match:
oVe vs. Brian Cage and Lucha Bros.
Result: Brian Cage and Lucha Bros. win via Disqualification

During the match, Cage is about to attack Callihan when he throws the referee to the mat to get himself intentionally disqualified!

After the match, the fight continues after the match! Cage hits a deadlift suplex on Jake from inside the ring to the outside, taking out everyone! Meanwhile, Fenix hits a flying corkscrew off the guardrail!

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